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  • [Editorial] Missing evidence
    The UK Government fails to monitor and appropriately report independent research commissioned to inform policy, according to a report published on June 22 by Sense about Science, a charitable trust th …
  • [Editorial] Dear Mr Ban Ki-moon
    We have greatly admired your leadership as Secretary-General of the UN. Over your 10 years heading the world's most important international organisation, you have played an exemplary part in stre …
  • [Obituary] Elizabeth Stanfield Bell Wilson
    Family planning doctor and right to die campaigner. She was born in London, UK, on June 3, 1926, and died of pancreatic cancer in Glasgow, UK, on March 29, 2016, aged 89 years.
  • [Correspondence] Uncivil and skewed language on civil society?
    In his Offline, Richard Horton (March 12, p 1041)1 summarised comments from a forum on the role of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in global health. The Offline echoed a prevalent systematic bia …
  • [Correspondence] Next generation of comprehensive HIV prevention
    These are exciting times for biobehavioural approaches to HIV prevention, as Kenneth Mayer commented (March 12, p 1036).1 Advances in treatments, vaccines, and cures are essential in our efforts to fi …

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