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  • [Editorial] Acute myocardial infarction in women
    Cardiovascular disease is often regarded as a male disease, but since 1984, the annual mortality rate of the disease in the USA has been higher for women than for men. The disease remains the number o …
  • [Editorial] Ending the death penalty for juveniles
    Last week, Amnesty International published a distressing report on the death penalty for juvenile offenders in Iran. 73 such executions have been recorded in 2005–15, mostly for murder, rape, drug-rel …
  • [Obituary] Roderick Norman McIver MacSween
    Pathologist and authority on the liver. He was born in Kinloch, Lewis, Hebrides, UK, on Feb 2, 1935, and died in Glasgow, UK, on Dec 11, 2015, aged 80 years.
  • [Correspondence] Should doctors strike?
    A Lancet Editorial (Nov 28, p 2117)1 discussed the debatable ethics of doctors striking. Strike action is a right recognised by the UN, for without it employees have no choice but to accept the terms …
  • [Correspondence] Should doctors strike?
    I understand junior doctors' frustration with the proposed changes to their contracts. I understand that many consultants want to support their junior colleagues, especially when imminent amendme …

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